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With the joy of home-ownership, comes a little maintenance and work along the way. And for many homeowners, one of the most undesirable, stressful, and even a risky job, is snow removal. Whether a full driveway, a sidewalk, or even just the steps up to a porch, snowfall creates a possible hazard on walking areas around the home. Removing that snow is not optional. From clearing the driveway so you can leave for work, or clearing a path for the mail carrier, snow removal is essential.

But how best to remove the snow? Depending on where you live, you may have been thinking of a better way to remove snow to speed up and take the stress out of snow removal in the snowy season. This post will give you some advice on the two best ways to remove snow.


Snow Removal – How To Do It?

Clearing snow is routine work, no matter how you look at it. But understanding the job at hand, and using the right tool, can make things simpler. Cleaning a small path or a whole driveway? Is the snow light and easily swept away, or wet, heavy, and tough to lift? Your budget and your situation will often decide the right path forward as well. Here are the two best ways for snow removal:


Easiest Method – Use A Snow Blower

Snowblowers — also known as snow throwers — provide fast, efficient snow removal. They are the most popular and easiest solutions available.

When blowing snow, your clearing techniques should vary based on how your property is laid out. In general, you don’t want to throw snow on top of the pavement you’ve already cleared. The snow that’s thrown from your blower will pack down and stick to the pavement and become harder to remove. A two-stage snow blower is the best option, as it is used for clearing big areas, and often they have engine-driven wheels to better handle uneven terrain and reduce user fatigue.


The Manual Method – Snow Shovelling

With shovelling, you’ve got two options. Shovel after every few inches of snow that falls or wait until the storm ends and clear the snow in layers. Clear only as much snow as you’re comfortable lifting.

An ergonomic snow shovel is a good option, as it serves to protect you from injuring your back while shovelling. Typically made out of lightweight aluminium, they have a smaller scoop than other shovel types to ensure that each scoop of snow is lighter. One of the best features is that the shovel can remove the need to twist or bend, which leads to many back injuries during shovelling.

No matter what snow removal method you use out of these two, try to avoid driving or walking on the snow before you get started.




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