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If you are planning to marry in the military then many advantages and disadvantages are also tying with you. As we know marriage life comes with various challenges. However, when you married military personnel then there are many unique military challenges that come in your way. Before married in the military, you need to know many things about military life.

Before getting married in the military, you think twice or thrice because this is one of the most important decisions of your life. Deciding to marry military personnel, you will have to face many unique and complex challenges. So, before married to any personnel, you need to know about certain things that might help you make a decision. Below we give some of the very important things that you should know before getting married in the military.

Important Things to Keep in Mind about Getting Married in the Military

The military personnel gets so many advantages and programs for their family and their spouses. Here we list some of the benefits that every military personnel spouses get.

Medical Care:

Why the military provides medical care? An on-duty Military Personnel family member gets a medical allowance from his first day. In their basic training session, the recruiter completes the paperwork to enroll their dependents in DEERS and give them a dependent ID card. After getting a dependent ID card, military personnel mail this card to their family so that they can take advantage.

Family Separation Allowance:

Married members are eligible for a family separation allowance when they are separated from their dependents. But for that, you have to know some rules and military time. The tax-free allowance starts from 30 days after separation. So, married people can receive payment after 30 days after separation. Single personnel does not receive any payment.

Housing Allowance:

Married personnel in the military receive house allowances during the basic training and follow on the job training, providing a household to his or her dependent, and provide free government quarters. If you get married before joining the military then on the very first day of your duty, you will get this benefit.

Get expense for Dependents and Household Goods movement:

The married military personnel’s dependents get travel expense or else they can travel by government expense. Travel expense end when your military personnel at their new duty station. So, travel expense depends on the date of the marriage.

Commissary, exchanges and base privileges:

Became a spouse of the military personnel who gets many base privileges. Base schools provide a unique atmosphere to military kids in pre-school and elementary schools. Military men’s family member does not pay any taxes on their shopping at the grocery store and base store that are also helpful to the monthly budget.

I hope you know what are the benefits any military spouses get after married to the military personnel. So, if you will get married to military personnel then you will above mention all benefits, for more information about the military life visit

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