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Military party

When you here military ball party then you might be think that what we do in the party, which type of dress we wear in this party and many more. If you go for military ball first time then you may be think all this. Don’t think too much about military ball, because this is not like as our school dance like prom, but it is totally different then it. In this party, military personnel wear their uniform and this party is conduct on serious occasion.

Just like our party, you served dinner. But for that, you must on time decided by military. If in your invitation card or message if dinnertime is 1900 hours military time then you should reach for a dinner before 7 PM. So, you know why time is most important for military guys.

There are many things that you will find how military party differ from our regular school party. In military ball party, you find so many interesting things that you never find in any other party before that. If you attend the military ball, then you may find the below-given things that you never find any other party.

Military ball party


Things You Find at a Military Ball

Too much alcohol:

In the military ball party, you will find alcohol just like other party. Just like in normal dance parties, military person can bring their own flask to the table and drink the alcohol.

Formal Dresses:

Unlike our dance parties, in a military ball party you will find military wives wear long gown. Not all, but some ladies also wear knee-length dress so that she will easily dance on the prom with their husband.

Matching colors:

Many of us like to wear matching dress with their husband. In military ball, one can wear matching their dress with the service member’s uniform. So, if you go army ball then you will find the combination of blue and gold dresses while you go for navy ball then you will find the combination of black or red gown.  If you want to stand out from this party then you can wear odd colors like orange or purple.


Most of all military unit get together at their branch’s birthday party, by cutting a cake. In the military ball party you will find big cake and everyone in the ball want to click the selfie with cake before ceremony. Just like our birthday, in this party senior member share a piece of cake with junior member.


DJ and dance is common and favorite part of military ball. After ceremony and dinner are over, all are get together on the dance floor. On the dance floor you can dance with your husband or dance with other women. So, DJ and dance floor is the one of the most favorite part of military ball party that all are love so much.

You can find above mentioned things in military ball party. So, enjoy military ball party whenever you get chance. For more information about military visit our website

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