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When companies prepare their activities to reopen or ramp up, they need a schedule. And that plan should be in compliance with the government’s guidelines. Yet even though we’re dealing with fewer limitations, the fact that COVID-19 is still something we need to deal with doesn’t change that.

Customers make choices about their level of comfort in visiting businesses. For instance, whether we should dine inside a restaurant or get takeout. Employees will too, make the same decisions about their comfort level with the organization

Consider Video Screening & Interviews

Clearly, at the moment this becomes a very common choice. But companies would want to choose an online assessment system & the best technologies to fit their needs and ensure data protection isn’t an issue. This would also be necessary to have a strategy in place for candidates who do not have the technological resources to perform a video interview.

Make Decisions About Logistics For Interviews In Person

For any company, video interviews won’t be right and that’s perfect. Once it comes to the interview in person, organizations will want to determine how to treat masks, where interviews will take place, and how best to respond to social greetings

Remind Managers They Too Need To Prepare Themselves

This is a new process that will impact all of us. If managers are doing home interviews, recommend them wearing their usual office attire. So managers should be prepared to address any changes to job requirements with applicants due to COVID-19 such as potentially enabling work from home, future shift changes, etc.

Begin The Discussion With Some Ground Rules

Set the candidate at ease by explaining what’s going to happen. If you are performing a video interview, let the candidate know that when you hear dogs barking, children laughing, and the garbage truck, it’s okay. It is likely that the recruiter or hiring manager may have to apologize for their own disruptions and interruptions in the background. This is just part of the new normal recruiting process!

Use Online Assessments Strategically

It is likely that because of changes in the recruiting process, the company may choose to concentrate on skills such as agility and trainability. Organizations should suggest using and placing a cognitive ability evaluation earlier in the process. The aim is to match the assessment with the work and ensure that it is relevant for recruitment and selection.

Wrap Up The Interview With Clear Details

Tell the candidates how they should stay in touch. When the recruiter and the hiring manager operate remotely, the best way to interact could be different from when everybody worked in an office environment.

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