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Writing a letter for a decline job offer is very difficult because you reject the job offer. We know that nowadays many employers are relaying job offers via email. And this is a perfect way to communicate with jobseeker and offer a job via email.

For maintaining a good relationship with the company and interviewer composing a letter is necessary. This letter is also important when you may want them as a future reference in your career. The job rejection letter or mail should be brief and to the point, you can also visit for more details about the letter.

In your letter, you should avoid anything about the employer. Moreover, you do not mention about another job offer and why you accept that job offer. As we know writing, a job decline letter is very difficult but using some tips and sample letter, you can easily compose a letter.

Writing Tips and Sample Letter for Composing a Letter for Decline Job Offer

To decline a job offer, you need to compose the thank you letter for decline job offer. However, this just like other business letters so while writing this letter you need to take care of below-given things.

Tips for Writing a Job Offer Decline Letter

  • Use formal language with proper addressing to the receiver.
  • Do not use big paragraphs in the letter.
  • Give a valid reason to reject job opportunities.
  • Compose and send this letter as soon as possible.
  • Be confident and sincere while writing this letter.
  • Conclude the letter with thank you.
  • Use proper sign-off.

Sample Letter for Decline Job Offer

Why thank you letter is important after interview? When you got the job after cracking the interview, in case you want to reject a job offer, then you have to write a thank you letter for the interviewer. To compose the letter without any error you can use our template that is given below.


Smith Patil

Date: 6th January 2019


Mr. Johnson,

Manager of ABC Pvt. Ltd.

Subject: Decline job offer

Respected Mr. Johnson,

Thank you for offering me an opportunity as a Senior Web Designer in your company. But I am really very sorry to inform you that I will not able to accept your job offer.

I do not accept your job offer because I will go for further study and want to enhance my designing skills. I hope you will understand. Wish you all the best and hope we can continue our relationship in the future.

Once again thank you for offering me such a marvelous opportunity for being a part of your company.

Yours Sincerely,

Smith Patil

Email Template for Job Offer Rejection

Subject: Decline Job OfferDear Mr. Nathan,

Thank you so much for offering me the opportunity of being a Social Media Specialist in your company. I am very happy to listen to it and appreciate you to show your interest in hiring me.

Unfortunately, I accepted a position with another company that is a good match for my current designation.

Thank you once again to offer me such a very good opportunity. It was a pleasant interviewing experience.

Yours Faithfully,


I hope you will get the complete details about how to decline the job offer using a letter. Using our tips you can compose a letter easily without any error.


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