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You might think it’s unethical to use emoticons at your workplace. it can be true for some organizations but it’s not the same for all. If you can use emoticons at your workplace do use it to make the other person understand exactly what you mean to say.

In this era where everyone uses social media, it is very common to use emoticons even at work. It is completely acceptable to use them to express your intention and expression.

Thank you face smiley

Here are three ways how you can use emoticons professionally.

To Clarify The Statement

Everyone has their way of saying things, some can speak politely and some can’t. Even if you use a common smile emoji, it would clarify that your way of saying was polite and not rude.

For example, “looks like you finally finished your project” v/s “looks like you finally finished your project☺”. The former sounds like a bit sarcastic but the later seems to be congratulating and sympathetic.

Use A Lenny Face

Lenny face is a type of emoticon used to express your emotions and mood in the form of text form. Depending on how casual your work environment is, you can use lenny faces to that extent.

If your team is a bit causal; a variety of faces can be used with them. If, on the other hand, is the environment is only professional, limit yourself to just a simple smiley.

You can send a variety of lenny faces in your casual team, depending on the conversation or the occasion, for example, it’s ok to send a thank you smiley face or a happy birthday smiley face.

Don’t Overuse Them

Don’t try to use each and every emoji that you have on your smart keyboard. Limit yourself to use only the most commonly used emoji’s.

Also, don’t overuse them; you are not supposed to use a smiley or any other emoji in every other sentence.

Don’t Forget To Use Your Words

If we say you can use emoticons in the workplace, we don’t mean just emoticons. Never just use emoticons, always add some text with it. Emojis do make what you say understandable, but only when you have written enough content. Substituting words with emoticons is not the solution but supporting words with them is.


Use Emoticons Only Where Necessary

Earlier we told you not to overuse emoticons, this somewhat relates to that. You are supposed to use emoticons only where they are needed. You cannot use an emoticon when is boss is scolding you over text about incompletion of work.

At last, you know how and where to use emoticons at work. Visit this link to know more about lenny face emoticons.

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