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How often do you get awe-struck by the flashy fashion as seen on big fashion shows? Care to look that way? Then you have made the right click. Here we are presenting you the hacks to get the ramp heavy look in your day to day life. Grab these and walk the aisle of work-place like a pro fashionista.

Waist Cinchers Shapewear And Fat Toning

Like that 36-24-36 figure of Victoria’s Secret models? Well, they earn it through damning diets and well-planned regimes. You surely don’t have the time for it and maybe no one will go through that trouble just to look perfect for a dress. That’s why waist cinchers shapewear. These corsets are on fire in the fashion market as they touch the right need of women. Grab them now and hide your belly fat. The plus point is, they are available for plus size too! 😉

Wear Jackets Manhattan Style

You must be thinking hanging jackets on the shoulder is just a ramp thing and may get messy in real life, as the jacket may fall off anytime. Well, trust me, it’s not as messy as you think. Of course, you can’t wear it at work, but it surely is an office party or a casual gathering thing. Carry it off with a coat instead of a jacket and you get a winter look too.

Bottom’s Week – One Top For All

Do you have that one top that can suit with a palazzo, with a pant and also with a skirt, then why not make it your “One Top For All” thing? You must have seen many fashion shows with themed Pajamas or bottom wear with one type of upper top. Grab on that all-time top and make it your style statement for the week!

Be Casually Formal

It’s the age of mix and match and we all have been doing it. But we know it turns out to be a fashion disaster for about 90% of the time. You can’t bet on all combinations, but one miss-match flaunts every time and that is the casual wear and formal wear combo. You can grab any of your coats and match it with a shiny dress, or a jeans jacket with a funky skirt.There are also other fashion ware and shapewear are available in the market those shapewear helps you to get the perfect look.

Belt Your Layers

Winters bring you the reason to wear your favourite shirts, scarfs, inner top all at once and form a great layered dress for the day! The fashion model tip here is to tie them all with a belt and go from saggy to sassy! For instance, have a look at the below look.

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