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XWiki Enterprise 7.2-milestone-1

XWiki Enterprise is a professional wiki with enterprise features such as Blog, strong rights management, LDAP authentication, PDF export, full skining and more. It also includes an advanced Form and scripting engine making it a development environment for data-based applications. It has powerful extensibility features such as scripting in pages, plugins and a highly modular architecture. XWiki Enterprise is perfect for the following usages:

  • Intranets

  • Public web sites

  • Knowledge management

  • Simple¬†CMS¬†needs

  • Project collaboration

  • Portal with mashed-up data from external sources

  • and more...

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

7.2-milestone-1 [07-21-15]

  • Nested Documents (first version)

Other versions : 7.0.1 7.0 6.4.2 6.4 6.3 6.2.2 6.1 6.0 5.4.4 5.4.3 5.4.2 5.4.1 5.4 5.3 5.2.2 5.2.1 5.2 5.1 5.1-rc-1 5.1-milestone-2 5.1-milestone-1 5.0.2 5.0.1 5.0-rc-1 5.0-milestone-2 5.0-milestone-1 4.5.1 4.5 4.5-milestone-1 4.4.1 4.4-rc-1 4.3 4.3-rc-1 4.3-milestone-1 4.2 4.2-milestone-2 4.1.3 4.1.2 4.1-rc-1 4.1-milestone-1 3.5

v7.0.1 [05-06-15]

  • This is a stabilization release that fixes important bugs discovered in the previous 7.0 version.

v7.0 [04-07-15]

  • Improved difference views for document history and extension upgrade process
  • Many Extensions Repository and Extension Manager improvements
  • Simplified Wiki Creation Wizard
  • Integration of a new Tree Widget with the WYSIWYG editor and Index Application
  • New application to edit wiki Skins
  • Experimental Realtime Watchlist Notification
  • Moved to Servlet 3.0.1

v6.4.2 [03-16-15]

  • This is a stabilization release that fixes important bugs discovered in the previous 6.4.1.

v6.4 [02-05-15]

  • General Stabilization (Flamingo Skin, etc)
  • New Mail Sender with statuses and ability to send large volume of emails
  • Ability to rate Extensions
  • Better performances
  • Many improvements and bug fixes

v6.3 [11-19-14]

  • Flamingo Stabilization
  • New Flamingo Theme Application and new Themes
  • New Tree Widget and Macro (improves Document Index Tree and Navigation Panel)
  • New E-Mail API and Module
  • Better performances
  • Many improvements and bug fixes

v6.2.2 [10-21-14]

  • Flamingo Skin improved and used by default
  • Performance improvements
  • Applications improvements

v6.1 [07-22-14]

  • Flamingo Skin improvements
  • Applications Panel improvements
  • Extension Manager improvements
  • Active Installs improvements
  • LESS integration
  • New Mail module (Experimental)
  • Job module improvements
  • Log from a script
  • New contextual authorization manager role
  • New security authorization script service
  • Easier XDOM manipulation from Velocity

v6.0 [05-18-14]

  • First version of the 6.x cycle having for main theme performances. This version marks the move to Java 7 as minimum version and comes with a new experimental Flamingo skin, new chart renderers, WebJars support and many other improvements.

v5.4.4 [04-17-14]

  • This is a bugfix release, with some improvements in the wiki creation.

v5.4.3 [03-27-14]

  • This release brings a lot of important bug fixes.

v5.4.2 [02-28-14]

  • Bug fix release

v5.4.1 [02-15-14]

  • Bug fix release

v5.4 [02-06-14]

  • Improvements release

v5.3 [12-15-13]

  • New syntax guide
  • New search facets and better display of search results
  • Search for documents matching specific values in multiple XObject properties and attachments
  • Import large XARs and content from a Confluence wiki using the WikiStream framework
  • Create wiki templates and choose the users scope using the wiki creation wizard
  • Improved migration from XEM/Workspaces
  • 115 bug fixes and 55 improvements

v5.2.2 [12-10-13]

  • Bugfix release

v5.2.1 [11-10-13]

  • Bugfix release

v5.2 [10-08-13]

  • Multi-wiki support enabled by default
  • Solr-based Search Suggest
  • Distribution Wizard Step to Upgrade All Wikis
  • Active Installs Tracking
  • Wiki Stream Framework
  • 135 bug fixes and 50 improvements

v5.1 [07-13-13]

  • Solr is the default search engine
  • Menu application
  • 124 bug fixes and 53 small improvements

v5.1-rc-1 [07-01-13]

  • Solr search improvements and bug fixes
  • Menu application

v5.1-milestone-2 [06-17-13]

  • Automatic Solr indexing with locale inheritance

v5.1-milestone-1 [06-02-13]

  • Improved Solr search UI with faceted search

v5.0.2 [05-29-13]

  • Bugfix release

v5.0.1 [05-07-13]

  • XWIKI-9106: Class properties using suggests no longer offer suggestions
  • XWIKI-9105: A few document fields are not taken into account when doing a 3 ways merge

v5.0-rc-1 [04-29-13]

  • Distribution Wizard improvements for multiwikis
  • New Admin UI entry for listing extensions having updates

v5.0-milestone-2 [04-05-13]

  • new security module by default
  • XWiki is now always in virtual mode
  • JQuery embedded by default
  • xwiki/1.0 syntax is now disabled by default

v5.0-milestone-1 [03-10-13]

  • new Release Application
  • Extension Manager and Distribution Wizard improvements
  • Office Import improvements

v4.5.1 [03-04-13]

  • Bugfix release

v4.5 [02-28-13]

  • Stabilization release
  • Improvements to Distribution Wizard, SOLR Search and App Within Minutes

v4.5-milestone-1 [02-05-13]

  • Stabilization release
  • Improvements to Distribution Wizard, SOLR Search and App Within Minutes

v4.4.1 [01-27-13]

  • Bugfix release

v4.4-rc-1 [12-30-12]

  • Stabilization release for the 4.x cycle
  • Upgraded to Lucene and Solr 4.0.0

v4.3 [11-30-12]

  • New Workspace templates
  • Extension Manager improvements and private repositories support
  • New REST API for importing a XAR and various improvements
  • New field pickers (Date, User and Groups)
  • New experimental Solr search

v4.3-rc-1 [11-19-12]

  • New experimental Solr Search
  • New default pickers for dates, users and groups
  • New localization module
  • REST API improvements

v4.3-milestone-1 [10-24-12]

  • Workspace templates
  • Extension manager improvements
  • Distribution wizard improvements
  • REST API improvements
  • Multiwiki support for HSQLDB
  • New rendering syntax: APT
  • Bug fixes for Office import with filesystem storage

v4.2 [10-05-12]

  • New experimental install/upgrade wizard
  • Extension Manager improvements
  • JIRA Macro
  • New field types for email and list of pages
  • Computed class fields
  • Improved upload UI
  • New logging administration UI
  • New Applications panel
  • Chart Macro Improvements
  • New Content Macro
  • Documents Macro improvements
  • Search improvements

v4.2-milestone-2 [09-01-12]

  • New field types for email address and list of wiki page names
  • Computed class fields
  • Default custom displayers for easier customization of the way xobject properties are displayed
  • New API to manipulate log level

v4.1.3 [07-25-12]

  • 4.1.3 being a bugfix release of 4.1, you should also check out the 4.1 release notes to see the list of new features brought by 4.1.

v4.1.2 [07-10-12]

  • Extension manager safe upgrade of configuration documents
  • Customized color charting
  • Localization of time based on timezone
  • Many improvements and bug fixes

v4.1-rc-1 [06-12-12]

  • Extension manager safe upgrade of configuration documents
  • Customized color charting
  • Localization of time based on timezone
  • Many improvements and bug fixes

v4.1-milestone-1 [05-22-12]

  • 3D graphs made from pure XWiki syntax
  • Safer Groovy scripting
  • Better hiding of internal application related documents
  • Many improvements and bug fixes

v3.5 [03-15-12]

  • Extension Manager improvements
  • New macro for displaying documents in a live table
  • Many bug fixes

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