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Go to any page in your site, and a editing toolbar gives you all the controls you need to update your website. No intimidating manuals, no complicated administration interfaces - just point and click. What can I build with concrete5?

  • Online magazines and newspapers.

  • eCommerce sites.

  • Extranets and Intranets.

  • Government web sites.

  • Small business web sites.

  • Non-profit and organization web sites.

  • Community-based portals.

  • Church, club and team web sites.

  • Personal or family homepages.

  • Marketing focused sites for a corporation.

  • Any school, college or university web site.

  • Many online communities.

  • Anything else you can dream up!

How does concrete5 compare? Building and running a website are two very different challenges. Certainly, one person may wear both hats, but the process of launching a great website is far different from running a great website over time. concrete5 lets you do both: build and run great websites. Most other content management systems are built for one side of the equation or the other. Many CMS`s were designed by developers, for developers. Building and maintaining a site with them can be pretty complex and intimidating for someone who can`t program computers. The end editing experience works, but to make even basic content changes you`re typically working with long web forms in a "back-end." Adding new functionality is something you`ll need some technical know-how to pull off. Imagine having to call a consultant every time you wanted to write a new Word document. How useful is that to your business? Conversely, there`s a number of solutions that are geared for the DIY market. Typically starting as a blog, these sites get added to and added to over time until they fall apart. Imagine being told your document was always going to have a cover page, a table of contents, and an index – no matter how simple you wanted it to be. Sure it`s great you can get started quickly, but if you want to do much more than what these systems were designed for like using a hammer to drive screws. With concrete5, you get the best of both worlds. Anyone can start making their own website in seconds, and the editing experience is easy; just click on what you want to change. Developers still get a flexible and robust framework for building sophisticated web applications. With concrete5, however, site owners will be able to make changes and additions on their own, for years to come. Is it free? What does Open Source really mean? How safe is this? Yes, concrete5 is Free and Open Source (FOSS) under the MIT software license. This license simply protects our liability and lets you do ANYTHING you want. We wanted everyone from a small business to a internet startup to be able to legally use concrete5 as a fundamental part of their business. It will always be free. There’s no "enterprise version" of concrete5 that does everything you really need, but costs a lot of money – and there won`t be in the future either. You can count on concrete5 being around for a long, long time as the core code is now owned by everybody. There is a growing community and marketplace filled with add-ons, which are not all free. In this way the small payments made by those who need a little extra finance the free use of core functionality by everyone. Thousands of developers from every continent use concrete5 to make websites for their clients every day.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site) [04-04-14] Release Notes Feature Updates
  • Better mobile support for dashboard (thanks hissy!)
  • Improved performance when running concrete5 on a site that uses multiple languages (thanks mlocati.)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Empty Trash removes content NOT in Trash (thanks mlocati)!
  • Fixed Can't move an alias – it moves original page (thanks mlocati!)
  • Fixed (Thanks mlocati)!
  • Fixed inability to save date picker date in some circumstances (thanks Remo.)
  • Fixed inability to upload multiple files in file manager (thanks mlocati!)
  • Fixed open_basedir warning error when logging in if open_basedir protection is enabled (thanks NKay)
  • Fixed Rich Text Editor "Simple" mode not translated (thanks Remo).
  • Fallback to GD library if processing with Imagick fails (thanks mlocati).
  • fixed errors that displayed when opening an image that didn’t exist on systems with the Imagick extension installed (thanks mlocati)!
  • Fix toolbar not showing on aliased pages when logged in (thanks francz)
  • Fixed (thanks mlocati)
  • Fixed Google Maps block offset when using coordinates (thanks mlocati)
Security Fixes
  • Removed incorrect permission checks on file replace that would only check whether user had access to add files (and not replace the particular file.) (thanks Mnkras)
  • Removed potential email buffer overflow bug in MySQL.
  • Don't show that a page is pending approval unless they can view the toolbar (thanks Mnkras)
  • Removed potential display of broken SQL query when passing arrays as tags to be viewed (note: no SQL injection potential.)
  • Removed XSS vulnerability in Open Flash Chart third party library by removing library.
  • Removed XSS vulnerability in SecurImage helper files by removing unneeded helper HTML files in third party library

Other versions : 5.6.3 5.6.2 5.6.1

v5.6.3 [03-17-14]

5.6.3 Release Notes Feature Updates

  • Languages with greater than 90% completion are now included in concrete5, meaning they can be installed immediately (thanks international team, included mlocati, hissy, Remo, patrickheck, more…)
  • Much Improved Stacks, including the following new features (thanks Mainio!)
    • Add block from clipboard
    • Rename the stack
    • Duplicate the stack
    • Reorder stacks
  • Added task permission to control who can export users from user search.
  • Added the ability to add one permission line or remove one permission line from pages in bulk.
  • User selector now has the ability to clear the user (thanks NazWeb)
  • Much improved user password hashing, security improvements and hardening (thanks bdsl!)
  • TinyMCE is now localized (thanks mlocati and tao-s)
  • You can now test your email settings from the email settings dashboard page. (thanks mlocati!)
Miscellaneous Improvements
  • Retain multibyte file titles when uploading files in other languages (thanks hissy).
  • Usernames can now contain periods in the middle (not at the beginning or end) (thanks mlocati.)
  • Page attributes are now listed by attribute set display order, if they happen to fall into one (thanks jordanlev)
  • Various localization fixes and additions (thanks mlocati, Remo, ojalehto, patrickheck)
  • Profile pages are now translateable (thanks Remo)
  • Can override Block assets from a package (ojalehto, remo)
  • Refactored generate sitemap job for better extensibility and readability (thanks Remo and mlocati.)
  • Package items are localized when uninstalling (thanks mlocati.)
  • Date picker is better localized, reducing bugs (thanks patrickheck)
  • Add version to installation screen (thanks mesuva)
  • Better support for mysqli in certain query situations (thanks NazWeb)
  • Area names now appear translated (thanks Remo and mlocati)
  • Additional CSS classes for core components now present (thanks Remo and mlocati)
  • Better localization of some displayed dates and times (thanks mlocati)
  • You can now clear alternate file storage locations.
  • We now use Imagick for image resizing if it happens to be installed (thanks JeffPaetkau!)
  • Defaulting session cookie to httpOnly (thanks Indrek Kõnnussaar)
  • Faster page publishing when using composer and publishing to a location of the site with a large number of peer pages (thanks hutbert)
Bug Fixes
  • Better sanitization integer value in cID parameter so you can’t trigger an exception by passing an array as cID (Note: no SQL injection possible in this bug – just an ugly exception error display.)
  • Fix bug where custom templates applied to blocks weren’t always displayed on blocks in pages when those blocks used output caching.
  • Page Search Index content field is now larger (thanks mlocati.)
  • Fixed bug in advanced permissions where dragging an empty label or an un-saved label and then editing it could modify other permission rows.
  • Date Archive block threw error on some php installations due to case of loader call
  • Disable on_render_complete on upgrade
  • Package update improvements when downloading from
  • Fixed group related ID bug when using MySQL in a different auto increment setting (thanks chemett.) Related discussion here:
  • Resolved issues in OpenID authentication that broke OpenID on PHP 5.3, and resulted in other errors.
  • fixed
  • Better implementation of the “remain logged in” cookie (thanks Indrek Kõnnussaar and others for pointing out the issues.)
  • Fixed potential sql vulnerability here:
  • Job installation message typo (thanks bluefuton)
  • CSRF Protection in Edit Profile Page (thanks Indrek Kõnnussaar)
  • XSS Flaw fixed in Public registration page (thanks Indrek Kõnnussaar)
  • Fix
  • Fix
  • Stronger anti-session-fixation measures
  • Fix
  • Fix area handles with special characters in block delete
  • FileSet::populateFiles respects display order
  • Blog Entry date formatting for localization
  • Blog Thumbnail data localization fix
  • Profile date format for localization
  • Prevent very high numbers in sitemap totals
  • Improve export on some charsets
  • Fix
  • Fixed bug “Custom block design / Collection Versions / design is lost after block reorder” - thanks mlocati.
  • Fixed
  • Fixed (thanks mlocati)
  • Fixed bug with blocks being kicked out of layouts after move - thanks mlocati
  • Fixed (thanks mkly)
  • Fixed group enter/exit events not firing when a user is updated in the dashboard
  • Fix
  • Fix
  • Prevent ccm.sitemap.js 404 in registration form
  • Change job queue batch size to a 10 and added constant JOB_QUEUE_BATCH_SIZE
  • Fix error in sitemap index with blocks that no longer exists (thanks akodde)
  • Fix
  • Fix
  • Fix
  • Fix (thanks mkly)
  • Fixed (thanks patrickheck)
  • Fix (thanks patrickheck)
  • Fix
  • Fixed some full path disclosure bugs in certain newer dashboard files (thanks Osanda)
  • Fix
  • Fixed (thanks mlocati)
  • Fixed bug when editing page type defaults for page types that had an apostrophe in them.
  • Fix
  • Fix some package urls to all be relative
  • Fixed (thanks mlocati)
  • Fix missing translation in Bulk SEO Tool
  • Fixed (thanks mlocati)
  • Fixed (thanks Remo)
  • Fixed redirect and XSS flaws in download file single page. (Thanks @OsandaMalith !)
  • Fixed (thanks mlocati)
  • Fixed (thanks mlocati)
  • Fixed (thanks mlocati)
  • Fixed (thanks remo)
  • Fixed (thanks Remo)
  • Fixed (thanks mlocati)
  • fixed (thanks JohnTheFish)
  • Fixed (thanks JohnTheFish)
  • Fix
  • Fixed (thanks mlocati and Guido)
  • Fixed “regular expression too large” error that could occur when using code that used the URLify library.
  • Moved on_page_view event to be process.php’s inclusion for improved multilingual support with the Multilingual Add-On (allowing for localization of the form block, etc…)
  • Fixed
Developer Updates
  • Some code cleanups for Strict and Notice
  • Code cleanups (thanks ojalehto)
  • URLify library updated to latest version.
  • Select attributes now allow users to add new values through code through setAttribute, if the attribute allows it.
  • New build process through Grunt should improve the PHP short tag to full tag conversion, automatically downloads nearly completed languages, and clarifies and simplifies our toolchain.

v5.6.2.1 [08-30-13] Release Notes Features

  • Great new UI Improvements to the Select Attribute (thanks arcanepain)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed broken queue operations on systems that didn’t have the MySQL PDO extension installed.
  • Removed Main area from Page Forbidden because it was causing problems in certain advanced permissions setups and the page object isn’t set to a Page Forbidden single page anyway, so the intended behavior would never work correctly.
  • Fixed Upgrade issue with moving from to
  • Fixed Page version update of block permission edit
  • Fixed Error message with invalid Page Type handle
  • Fixed tranlation compilation error (thanks Remo)
  • Block Type names handled more robustly (thanks jordanlev)
  • Clarified empty UI when background image of the day was changed by constant
Developer Updates
  • Allow ConcreteDashboardHelper::inDashboard() to take a string path (thanks aghouseh)
  • Various code cleanups (thanks ojalehto, synlag, bluefuton, mlocati)
  • Removed BlockController::getUniqueIdentifier()
5.6.2 Release Notes 

v5.6.2 [08-16-13]

5.6.2 Release Notes Features

  • Improved and Updated Jobs
    • Slick New Interface
    • Job Sets allow you to group jobs so they can run at the same time.
    • Jobs can support queueing (for jobs that have to run for long periods of time.)
    • Cleaned up and normalized some of the API.
    • Better job running explanation on the Dashboard page.
    • Scheduling of a Job Set can be done through cron (as before) or through concrete5. These jobs will then be run periodically as triggered by users visiting your site.
  • Delete and Duplicate now support incremental progress with progress bars. Much more reliable.
  • New advanced permission “View Page in Sitemap” controls whether a user can see a page in the intelligent search site search or the Sitemap. This has no bearing on whether they can view the page if they navigate to it directly.
Behavioral Improvements
  • Much improved CMS behavior in sites that support multiple editing languages, including:
  • Localization of attributes, permissions, block types other dynamic content as seen by editors.
  • Localization of intelligent search
  • Better URL slug localization
  • Stacks now support workflow for approve and delete.
  • Stacks now show “Submit to Workflow” if the stack will be added to a workflow.
  • Page approval workflows now show which version will be approved in their descriptive text, lessening confusion.
  • Stack approval button is hidden if the stack is in workflow.
  • Stacks now create new versions on any content edit (since stacks don’t have edit mode.)
  • Better CDATA support in import/exporter.
  • When rendering a full page exception/error, the HTTP error code 500 is now used.
  • Approve Stack/Page button now green (thanks shotster.)
  • Login page now shows region in the language dropdown (if multiple languages are available on your site and login allows you to choose language.) (thanks mlocati)
  • Guestbook date now localized (thanks mlocati)
  • Block Types appear localized in the interface (thanks mlocati)
  • UI Accessibility improvements for dashboard checkboxes and radio buttons(thanks aghoush)
  • Placeholder text for Next Previous Block add/edit form (thanks jordanlev)
  • Improved YouTube Block URL parsing (thanks ojalehto)
  • Inspect Block Dialog now shows active Block count as well as total
  • Logging added for Page move to trash and Page delete
  • Allow choice of new page type to assign pages to when deleting a page type (thanks mlocati)
  • No longer show deleted pages in dashbaord breadcrunmbs (thanks JohnTheFish)
  • Clean up page list ui (thanks arcanpain, aghouseh)
  • Backup dialog shows error if cannot delete backup file (thanks mlocati)
  • Enable browser spellchecker as partial fix for discontinued Google Spell API
  • Improved Permission denied messages on some dialogs (thanks hissy)
  • New Page Preview for Composer (thanks gregjoyce)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed
  • Move to trash now correctly marks all subpages as inactive.
  • Improved permissions checks when dragging blocks on a page. Fixed bugs where incorrect permissions were checked resulting in more restrictive advanced permissions than ought to be in place.
  • Fixed
  • Fixed missing Approve Stack button in Stacks view for many advanced permissions users.
  • Fixed
  • Fixed bug where compare versions button would show in pending page approval workflow, but the dialog would be blank if the user couldn’t actually approve the workflow. Now both the button and the dialog are controlled by whether the user has the ability to view page versions (using the advanced permission.)
  • Fixed advanced permission area bug when area permissions are set at a parent area and default blocks appear in this area – permissions wouldn’t appear to be set properly on first load.
  • Exporting archive from file manager works using ZipArchive, leading to better compatibility with Windows.
  • Fixed
  • Fixed (thanks JustinPratscher)
  • Fixed
  • Fixed some minor XSS issues in Bulk SEO Updater tool (by fixing ItemList::setItemsPerPage to better sanitize its input)
  • Fixed some minor CSRF bugs in by adding validation tokens to Dashboard form deletion, dashboard mail import settings and activation.
  • Better header item checking in page properties dialog (thanks skybluesofa)
  • Fixed swap contents global area bug (
  • Better ordering of pages in content importer format.
  • CSS improvements to the survey block (improved floating, etc...)
  • Fixed group related error when trying to save a user with a large number of groups (error was actually a logic bug coming from a search that was unrelated to the save.)
  • Fixed:
  • Overrides cache bug fixes (thanks zemm)
  • Fixed wrong metadata in blog entry page type in Greek Yogurt theme.
  • Misc Localization fixes (thanks Remo, mlocati, bmatzner)
  • Fixed (thanks Remo)
  • Addressed
  • Fixed (thanks mlocati)
  • Fixed (thanks mlocati)
  • Fixed (thanks mlocati)
  • Fixed (thanks patrickheck)
  • Fixed issue with Form Block and internal variable overwrite (thanks ojalehto)
  • Fixed passing global $c into Collection::getArea() (thanks ojalehto)
  • Fixed http / https mixed requests in YouTube Block urls (thanks manio)
  • Fixed special characters in search index (thanks mlocati)
  • Fixed Prev Next Block page inaccuracies (jordanlev)
  • Fixed ADODB Constant in Backup Job (thanks ian-holden)
  • Fixed invalid meta closing tag in DashboardBaseController (aghouseh)
  • Fixed (thanks for the report Jozzeh)
  • Fixed XSS issues (thanks Remo et al)
  • Additional server variable sanitation (thanks bluefuton)
  • Fixed
  • Fixed (thanks mlocati)
  • Fixed Localization of Dashboard Menu (thanks bmatzer, mlocati, remo et al)
  • Fixed (thanks mlocati)
  • Fixed issues with moving blocks and permissions
  • Fixed
  • Fixed (thanks nazweb)
  • Fixed (thanks Remo)
  • Fixed
  • Fixed
  • Fixed (thanks mhawke)
  • Fixed (thanks BinaryBlocks)
  • Fixed (thanks patrickheck, toddihh)
  • Fixed
  • Fixed
  • Fixed (thanks melat0nin)
  • Fixed (thanks jshannon)
  • Fixed (thanks RobShaver)
  • Fixed (thanks hissy)
  • Fixed Permissions Cache collision issue
  • Fixed inability to copy custom file set permissions.
  • Fixed (alexlana)
  • Fixed issue with Avatar Widths and Gravatars (thanks Remo)
  • Fixed (thanks Mnkras)
  • Fixed Truncating very long external URLs (thanks aghouseh)
  • Fixed Month name localization in Date Archive Block (thanks patrickheck)
  • Fixed (thanks jordanlev)
  • Fixed (thanks JohnTheFish, Remo, jshannon, aghouseh et al)
  • Fixed (thanks hissy)
  • Fixed (thanks aghouseh)
  • Fixed t2() for singular
  • XSS Fixes (thanks synlag, StriderSEO, tcrowe)
  • Fix (thanks Remo)
  • Bunches of html fixes (thanks mlocati)
  • Fix ItemList::searchRequest() now actually respecting second parameter (thanks synlag)
  • Area attributes now properly attached to layouts (thanks xanido)
  • Fix ItemList::searchRequest() now actually respecting second parameter (thanks synlag)
  • Fix (thanks Remo)
  • Fix (thanks Remo)
  • Fix
  • Fix
  • Fix (thanks patrickheck)
Developer Updates
  • Block View overrides will only be included if they have a view.php included. If they only have a view.css etc they will be ignored.
  • ADODB is updated to 5.18 (Thanks Remo!) MySQL transactional support library is the new default.
  • Added events:
    • on_file_duplicate
    • on_file_set
  • New Queue library available for developers to use.
  • Better TextHelper::formatXML() function (more reliable, uses DOM)
  • Updated MIME defintions for OGG formats. (thanks JeffPaetkau)
  • Updated highlightSearch() to respect source string's case (thanks melat0nin)
  • Better validation on ItemList::setItemsPerPage (so developer’s can’t unwittingly open security holes by not sanitizing their data and passing it to setItemsPerPage)
  • Cleaner markup in view template for next/previous block (thanks jordanlev)
  • Add static keyword to some methods (thanks mlocati, aghouseh, mnkras)
  • No longer sorting contry/state lists if received from on_get_countries_list (thanks JohnTheFish)
  • Can now pass either Package object or Package Handle to Environment::overrideCoreByPackage() (zemm)
  • Add “numbers” and ”disabled” classes to pagination number links (thanks melat0nin)
  • Add runtime hash constant. (thanks Korvin)
  • Consolidated wordSafeShortText into shortenTextWord (thanks patrickheck)
  • Additional helper methods for FileSet class (thanks aghouseh)
  • FileVersion properties from private to protected for overrides/extending
  • Can pass array or file type extensions when launching file manager programatically (thanks mlocati)
  • ValidateIpHelper now only returns private IP if no public IP’s are found in all $_SERVER vars checked (thanks mlocati)
  • Add default sortBy to DatabaseItemList (thanks aghouseh)
  • Refactor Remove Old Page Versions
  • Add on_locale_change event (thanks mlocati)
  • Loader::element() now throws Exception is args array key contains method parameter names.
  • Various code cleanups (thanks mlocati, aghouseh, Mnkras et al)
  • Added a couple public methods for Select Type Attribute properties (thanks aghouseh, jordanlev et al)
  • Add PageList::filterBySelectAttribute() (thanks aghouseh, jordanlev et al)
  • Added a FormHelper::number() for the
  • Added method BlockController::getUniqueIdentifier() for clipboard blocks and ids
  • Removed TextHelper::preventWidows()

v5.6.1.2 [04-05-13] Release Notes Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where sites had no CSS under certain circumstances
  • Better support for multilingual page names while retaining XSS protection.
  • Fixed scrollbar not returning on second open of dialog.
  • Quieter errors if page cache errors out in mkdir or unlink
  • Fixed JavaScript bugs in Date Nav edit mode (thanks synlag)
Developer Updates Added a new constant for PAGE_PATH_SEGMENT_MAX_LENGTH, that defaults to 128. This is the number of characters that URL segment can be (passed to the URLIfy library.)  

v5.6.1 [02-28-13]

5.6.1 Release Notes Performance Improvements

  • Removed much of the cache library and rewrote calls to dramatically improve performance.
  • Completely New Page Caching Library
    • Plugabble for working with proxy servers and caching libraries
    • Fires much earlier and requires far fewer resources to run (and no database connections)
    • Pages can be checked for inclusion in the cache and expired manually from within the speed settings dialog (which has been renamed Full Page Caching)
    • Proper page cache headers are written.
  • Faster and more reliable customized theme generation (which points to the cached CSS file directly for better performance.)
  • Environment/override cache is now stored in the files/cache/ directory (meaning that deleting this directory will clear the override cache, and that it can be accessed without hitting the database)
  • Block caching is now stored in the database for faster lookups
  • Improved general performance of the dashboard by limiting unneeded database lookups
  • Form block only uses jQuery UI when necessary (thanks jordanlev)
Feature Updates and Behavioral Improvements
  • Added the ability to control which words are excluded from URLs for SEO purposes (found in Dashboard > System and Settings > SEO > Excluded from URL Words)
  • Improved display of Next/Previous block in edit mode. Re-introduced “Exclude System Pages” to the block, defaulted to on.
  • Now we notify users if their cookies are disabled when they attempt to login (thanks olsgreen)
  • Slideshow Improvements
    • Slideshow automatically clears, making it work better in Greek Yogurt theme.
    • Slideshow height doesn’t jump around as much (thanks Remo)
  • Google maps less intrusive on failure.
  • Added button to delete all form responses for a particular form (thanks luisbarresco)
  • Better fix for this:
  • Including Italian Provinces (thanks mlocati)
Bug Fixes
  • Composer now honors approve and move workflow.
  • Composer now honors advanced property and page attribute permissions.
  • Fixing permissions loophole where users who couldn’t add blocks to particular areas could add them to other areas and then move them into the areas.
  • Fixed: When applying design to area, it cascades to other areas
  • Fixed occasional white page with a JSON response when saving in Composer.
  • Added back the ability to have periods in additional page path names.
  • Fixed advanced permission bug where Schedule Guest Access on blocks - locks site behind login screen
  • Re-allowed dashes in File set names (thanks danklassen)
  • Fixed translation bugs in 5.6.0 that had to do with the localization library not returning an object.
  • Fixed permission bugs on some complicated sites updating from 5.5 to 5.6.
  • Fixed XSS vulnerability in composer crop image.
  • Minor XSS vulnerability fixes throughout.
  • Better integration with Bootstrap themes.
  • Added SVG to file extension list by default (thanks Remo.)
  • Fixed incorrect syntax in generated sitemap: (thanks Remo)
  • Fixed: (thanks Remo)
  • Fixed “Wrong parameter count for array_unique” that occurred on PHP < 5.2.10 on adding/updating user groups (thanks Remo)
  • Added $_REQUEST variable to the variables sanitized for magic quotes when magic_quotes_gpc is enabled (thanks Remo.)
  • Specifying a user in the legacy permissions XML would fail because it tried to use the Group object. This is fixed.
  • When logging in via email, the email address is now correctly sent in the forgot password template.
  • Fixed (thanks Remo)
  • Fixed (Thanks Remo)
  • Fixed event registrations getting lost to new 5.6 class structure and singleton pattern.
  • Fixed lots of bugs with layouts, including moving up and down, layouts with presets, some inconsistencies (thanks shelkie and smartwebprojects)
  • Dashboard Pages can now have their titles localized (in the HTML title tag) (thanks mlocati)
  • Minimum required PHP version updated to 5.2.4 and enforced during install.
  • Added Loader::job() method (thanks JohnTheFish)
  • Fixed bug where deleting an administrator group could cause problems in site access (thanks jamietellin)
  • Fixed ugly SQL error that would occur if you tried to save a composable page type with a particular parent and then didn’t select that parent.
  • Too small version compare/preview window in Firefox and IE has been fixed
  • Fixing bugs in basic workflow notification (
  • Fixed breadcrumb auto-nav template not putting a separator between certain nav elements
  • Fixed SQL error on search by theme on sites that upgraded before 5.6.0
  • Page type names are now less restrictive
  • Lots of HTML fixes (mis-nested tags, incorrect tags, etc...) (thanks mlocati)
  • Added SVG to image file types (thanks Remo)
  • pkgID is now correctly duplicated on pages that have it set
  • Fixing bug where custom styles on a block would disappear if a layout was added to that area (thanks mlocati.)
  • Fixed: getStyleSheet in conjunction with caching does not make allowance for SSL
  • ogg, ogv, and webm are now shown as videos (thanks mlocati)
  • Changing attributes in sitemap or page search in dashboard wouldn’t trigger a page reindex. This has been fixed.
  • Better feedback and redirects when adding pages or deleting pages in sitemap flat view.
  • Included new version of the spellchecker plugin for TinyMCE for its security fixes
  • Bug Fixed: (Thanks remo)
  • Bug Fixed: (Thanks remo)
  • Bug Fixed: (Thanks remo)
  • Bug Fixed: (Thanks Remo)
  • Fixed
  • Fixed
  • Fixed Autonav custom template doesn't load on forbidden page
  • Fixed edge case advanced permission bug when attempting to override areas on pages that had no permissions set
  • Fixed occasional odd behavior when numbering default versions in version history.
  • Fixed
  • Fixed “approve” button not showing up when deleting a block in a stack.
  • Fixed
  • Fixed bug where file or user attributes couldn’t be saved after clearing until the page was reloaded
  • Fixed
  • Fixed bug where you couldn’t add groups to combinations in advanced permissions if those groups appeared on the second page (or greater) of group results.
  • Dashboards in SSL will load the picture of the day from an http:// URL
  • Fixed Bulk SEO Page List not displaying all pages in some cases
  • Fixed:
  • Fixed:
  • Changed topbar margin to apply to html instead of body
  • Fixed:
  • Fixed:
  • Fixed:
  • Fixed:
  • Fixed:
  • Fixed:
  • Fixed:
Developer Updates
  • Added the SITEMAP_APPROVE_IMMEDIATELY constant. Defaults to true. If set to false, pages added via the sitemap will not be approved immediately (or run through workflow.) Useful for sites where workflow is prevalent.
  • added option in code for autonav templates to ignore exclude_nav attributes (thanks jordanlev)
  • Fixing issue with countries/states helpers being extended improperly
  • Added ENABLE_TRANSLATE_LOCALE_EN_US constant for international users who wish to force Zend_Locale to create an object even if using the en_US locale.
  • Updated SimplePie RSS parsing library to 1.3.1
  • Added APP_VERSION_DISPLAY_IN_HEADER constant (defaults to true) to control whether the version of concrete5 is shown in the meta header section (thanks Remo)
  • Added new Security helper with sanitize functions (Thanks Chris Rosser)
  • Added new AJAX Helper (thanks mlocati)
  • New events
    • on_file_added_to_set
    • on_get_countries_list
    • on_get_states_provinces_list (thanks mlocati)
    • on_file_removed_from_set (thanks danklassen)
    • on_page_urlify (thanks remo)
    • on_page_body_index (thanks danklassen)

v5.6.0.2 [12-30-12] Release Notes Behavioral Improvements

  • Improvements to and for coexistence with full bootstrap themes. Broke bootstrap.js into a separate JavaScript file.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bugs where certain block dialogs and add stack dialog were blank in IE8.
  • Fixed IE bugs where the sub-toolbar status bar wouldn’t display
  • fixed inability to use page picker when register globals was on.
  • Fixed bug where deleting alias would delete source page (again).
  • fixing bug where blocks would disappear when adding a layout if the cache was on.
  • fix bug in simple permissions display when working with deleted groups.
  • Fixed blank file manager window in IE8.
  • Attempting to solve intermittent error in PagePermissionAssignments messages that happen on certain upgrades.
  • Fixed error when using group combinations on basic workflow.
  • Better permissions upgrading when using simple permissions.
  • Guestbook comments will now no longer be removed on update of guestbook block.
  • Attempting to solve “Illegal Mix of Collations” MySQL error that can affect some setups when previewing pages.
  • Fixed: http ://
  • File manager saved search cosmetic improvements.
  • Removed old code from user avatar uploader that could cause problems if used maliciously.
  • Fixed bug where Schedule Guest Access would remove all but guest users from view permission.
  • Pretty URLs are now honored in the Next/Previous block.
  • Fixed:
  • Fixed error where setting custom groups on Access User Search or Assign User Groups permission results in showing one group repeated over and over.
  • Added legacy getPermissionsObject back to Block Controller to fix Reviews add-on, others.
  • Fixed typo in the form block (Thanks Remo).
  • Fixing the error in loading the editor when using custom code and the Concrete TinyMCE theme.

v5.4.2.2 [10-08-11] Release Notes Bug Fixes & Security Improvements

  • Fixed SQL security bug in ItemList::sortBy
  • Fixed path disclosure bug in RSS tools in page list block
  • Fixed path disclosure bug in block passthrough.
  • Fixed XSS bug in RCID value on login page.
  • Fixed minor XSS bugs in the guestbook block view after post
  • Fixed minor XSS bugs in Add/Edit Page Types (Dashboard)
  • Fixed minor XSS bugs in Single Pages (Dashboard)
  • Fixed minor XSS bugs in Dashboard Groups (Dashboard)
  • Fixed minor XSS bugs in User Create
  • Make it so that blocks can be loaded from core packages (thanks Mnkras)
  • Fixed Attribute Type tool so an invalid action doesn't result in an error
  • Localization fixes (thanks concrete5russia)
  • Made package tools overrideable in the root level tools folder
  • Updated JavaScript ccm_addHeaderItem() to be more reliable with CSS in Internet Explorer (thanks Shotster)
  • Fixed bug where a packaged block couldn't be refreshed if it was overridden in the core (thanks Shotster)
  • Fixed missing quotation in form block that could cause nesting problems on post (Thanks arcanepain)
  • jQuery UI datepicker uses LANGUAGE instead of ACTIVE_LOCALE (thanks concrete5japan)
  • Removed second type attribute in form block edit interface (thanks Christiaan)
  • Fixed default date format retention bug in rss_displayer block (thanks janscarton)
  • Fixed bug in file properties dialog that would cause the properties to become un-editable if a user was deleted and there was a statistic record for that user and file
  • Fix bug where setting email address as user name in login form when logging in via email would strip certain characters (pull request by Mnkras)
Behavioral Improvements
  • Added index / db schema change to: Pages and CollectionVersionBlocks to speed up Block::getOriginalCollection() method
  • Setting LANGUAGE constant in the default core themes (pull request by patrickheck)
  • Allow any header item to be added to JavaScript addHeaderItem function.
  • Automatically populate additional URL with old URL (only used in JavaScript when editing page paths through the UI) (thanks xenyz)
  • Added site URL before page path (thanks melat0nin)
  • If a page is edited by a user, that information is present in the edited by overlay now (thanks 12345j and Mnkras)
  • Change attribute "Searchable" checkbox labels to be more informative (thanks jordanlev)
  • Added youtubeBlock class to the YouTube video block so it can be styled by CSS (thanks christiaan)
  • Added max username validation length to the concrete5 User validation helper. (thanks Mnkras)
  • Zend_Locale data will now be stored with the default cache files (pull request by stefangr)
  • Fixes occasional issue when downloading files via any web browser. File size was showing up as unknown and the progress bar wouldn't work. (pull request by hi-voltage)
Developer Updates
  • Added View::addFooterItems() support (Pull Request from jdmill)
  • Added priority and sorting by priority to site events so developers can manage the order of execution for different site events.
  • Added default log type (Pull request by mnkras)
  • Added new events (pull request by Mnkras):
    • on_file_set_password
    • on_file_add
    • on_file_version_add
    • on_file_download
    • on_file_version_duplicate
    • on_file_version_update_title
    • on_file_version_update_tags
    • on_file_version_update_description
    • on_file_version_approve
    • on_file_version_deny
    • on_user_enter_group
    • on_user_exit_group
    • on_user_friend_add
    • on_user_friend_remove
  • Modified all helper classes that stored local data to call a reset method when retrieved with Loader::helper()
  • Added shortenTextWord() to Text Helper (pull request by patrickheck)
  • Improved documentation for Text Helper (pull request by Mnkras)

v5.4.2.1 [09-09-11] Release Notes August 31st - 2011 New Features

  • Updated the YouTube block that fixes IE bugs, works with URLs, allows the size of the video to be changed, and supports mobile devices.
Bug Fixes & Security Improvements
  • Fixing bug where custom template changes would be immediately visible on a live site.
  • Fixed bug where editing a custom style would display the wrong style name in the confirmation area.
  • Updated security "regenerateSession" function to work better in IE than php's built-in session_regenerate_id() function.
  • User Attribute cache was persisting even when it was supposed to be cleared, leading to unsortable user attributes, data retention, etc...
  • Fixed bug in the mail helper where interaction with new helper code could lead to many duplicate emails being sent if they all are sent in one request.
  • Reverted a fix for zip_open failing on larger archives on 64-bit linux. Rewrote solution to hopefully fix both problems. Should fix problems with zip not unpacking marketplace archives.
  • Fixed bug where renaming a block in a scrapbook with a space in it fails to work
  • Fixed bug with layouts where spacing wasn't being honored.
  • Fixed bug where Zend Framework would complain if it already appeared with the include_path before concrete5 loaded.
  • File downloads should no longer hang the active session
  • Fixed nav bar in the settings section (thanks 12345j)
  • Fixed some bugs in the sample content (thanks 12345j)
  • Fixed bug when getting page by path with a trailing slash (shouldn't happen through front-end request, only through API)
  • Fixed places where strings weren't being translated.
  • Fixed
  • Fixed bug where add-ons wouldn't download under certain circumstances.
  • Composer sometimes wouldn't publish the latest version when clicking "Publish," due to a conflict with autosaving. This is fixed.
  • Sometimes previewing a page in composer wouldn't have the most up to date copy of the page.
  • Fixed bug in advanced permissions where blocks couldn't be reverted to area permissions because the button didn't exist.
Behavioral Improvements
  • Stripping tags from JSON response because of some plugins/malware that injects HTML into a response, screwing up editing
  • Modified Zend Framework's Loader.php to fix bug where Zend Framework improperly whines about open_basedir when loading Zend_Translate in some cases
  • Rich text editor attribute should load the required javascript and css to display the concrete5 toolbar.
  • Autocomplete select attribute mode should work when you haven't already loaded the necessary javascript and css.
  • Date picker no longer dies without javascript if jquery UI isn't included in header.
Developer Updates
  • Added a clear option to the page selector form helper.
  • Added shortenURL() function to the URLS helper that shortens URLs with the TinyURL API (thanks 12345j)
  • Added DATE_APP_DATE_PICKER constant that controls the jQuery UI datepicker dateFormat property. Documentation here:

v5.4.1.1 [05-26-11]

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