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GlassWire Firewall 2.1.137

GlassWire's free firewall software helps protect your privacy & security by monitoring your network activity for suspicious activity. You'll be shocked by how many applications on your computer are sending your private data over the Internet without you knowing. Once suspicious activity is detected you can block the potential threat with GlassWire's built in firewall management tool. GlassWire visualizes all your network activity on an easy to use graph. Click anywhere on the graph to see what applications and hosts are accessing the network from your computer. Our software automatically resolves host names so it's easy to see who or what your computer is communicating with over the Internet.Go to the Firewall tab to see what applications have accessed the Internet and block any that are suspicious, violating your privacy, or wasting your bandwidth. GlassWire uses Windows built in firewall so no instability is introduced into your system by third party firewall drivers. Download GlassWire now to start adding extra protection and privacy to your computer, plus potentially save money by avoiding bandwidth fees.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

2.1.137 [11-02-18]

A new dark theme, plus detailed host info!

Other versions : 2.0.123 2.0.115 2.0.112 2.0.105 2.0.102 2.0.91 2.0.84 2.0.80 2.0.78 1.2.121 1.2.120 1.2.118 1.2.109 1.2.102 1.2.100 1.2.96 1.2.88 1.2.79 1.2.76 1.2.74 1.2.73 1.2.71 1.2.70 1.2.64 1.2.57 1.2.54 1.1.41 1.1.39 1.1.36 1.1.32 1.1.31 1.1.27 1.1.21 1.1.15 1.0.45 1.0.44 1.0.43 1.0.40 1.0.38 1.0.35 1.0.30 1.0.28 1.0.25 1.0.24 1.0.23

v2.0.123 [06-26-18]

Go to GlassWire's settings to change your GlassWire font size.

v2.0.115 [05-26-18]

It's now easier to locate suspicious files on your PC.

v2.0.112 [05-10-18]

Column sorting plus many more new improvements!

v2.0.105 [04-06-18]

Fixed a bug that caused GlassWire to fail to start properly for some users.

v2.0.102 [03-29-18]

Bug fixes, and new GlassWire firewall features!

v2.0.91 [02-14-18]

New features and bug fixes.

v2.0.84 [01-26-18]

Bug fixes with Ask to connect mode, and many more.

v2.0.80 [12-24-17]

Bug fixes.

v2.0.78 [12-14-17]

Completely new UI
High resolution monitor support
Improved 'Usage' screen - select day, week, month or custom intervals
Firewall Profiles - make as many profiles are you need
VirusTotal API support
WiFi Evil Twin Alerts
Our firewall rules now synchronize with the Windows Firewall
And more!

v1.2.121 [12-02-17]

Fixed a bug with the data overage monitor feature.

v1.2.120 [11-25-17]

Fixed a problem with the GlassWire firewall implementation.

v1.2.118 [09-09-17]

Incognito mode now stays on after reboot, and many other bug fixes and enhancements.

v1.2.109 [07-15-17]

Bug fixes.

v1.2.102 [05-27-17]

Bug fixes and improvements.

v1.2.100 [04-20-17]

Bug fixes, translation fixes, and resource usage improvements.

v1.2.96 [02-15-17]

You can now right click the GlassWire icon in the tray to change your firewall mode, plus many other bug fixes and resource improvements.

v1.2.88 [01-03-17]

New device detection scanning improvements and bug fixes.

v1.2.79 [11-23-16]

Major network feature improvements. Detect new devices faster!

v1.2.76 [10-21-16]

Bug fixes, port changes, and local traffic detection improvements.

v1.2.74 [09-17-16]

Bug fixes and resource improvements.

v1.2.73 [08-09-16]

Bug fixes.

v1.2.71 [07-04-16]

Fixed a bug where some users saw a DLL error.

v1.2.70 [07-02-16]

New features, bug fixes, and resource improvements.

v1.2.64 [05-12-16]

Further resource improvements, security fixes.

v1.2.57 [04-14-16]

Resource usage improvements and bug fixes.

v1.2.54 [03-30-16]

Major resource usage improvements. Bug fixes.

v1.1.41 [01-29-16]

Bug fixes.

v1.1.39 [12-30-15]

Bug and stability fixes, plus an update to our installer.

v1.1.36 [12-04-15]

New features and improvements. Remove old apps from the firewall list plus many other new features and fixes.

v1.1.32 [10-16-15]

Installation improvements.

v1.1.31 [10-10-15]

Fixed a bug that caused some user computers not to sleep properly.

v1.1.27 [10-01-15]

Optimized for Windows 10, plus bug fixes and new features.

v1.1.21 [08-01-15]

Works with Windows 10, plus new updates and fixes.

v1.1.15 [05-30-15]

Many new features and fixes!

v1.0.45 [04-28-15]

SHA certificate changes.

v1.0.44 [04-19-15]

GlassWire is now signed with a new SHA256 certificate.

v1.0.43 [04-17-15]

Bug fixes.

v1.0.40 [03-14-15]

Improved memory management.

v1.0.38 [02-21-15]

New features and new language translations!

v1.0.35 [12-28-14]

GlassWire is now translated into many different languages.

v1.0.30 [11-09-14]

Bug fixes and stability improvements.

v1.0.28 [10-26-14]

Stability improvements, bug fixes, and new features.

v1.0.25 [09-19-14]

Stability improvements and bug fixes.

v1.0.24 [09-15-14]

Stability improvements and bug fixes.

v1.0.23 [09-09-14]

Major stability improvements and bug fixes.

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